Invest in Quality Spare Parts in Tamworth

At Northapp Appliance Repairs we know that many of our residential clients would benefit from having access to high-quality cleaning supplies for their homes. That’s one of the reasons we supply excellent quality, safe cleaning products, fridge spare parts, fridge water filters, dryer spare parts, washing machine and dishwasher parts and oven spare parts.
Cleaning Supplies — Appliance Repair in Tamworth, NSW

Cleaning Supplies

Flawlessly running appliances are only one aspect of maintaining a clean and functional living or workspace. Whether you are worried about the cleanliness of your home or business location, Northapp Appliance Repairs has you covered.

With our assistance you can get the cleaning products that will help you keep your bathrooms, kitchen, dining and living areas, workspaces and other rooms clean. We have all kinds of cleaning products for sale including fridge cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, stainless steel appliance cleaners, Steelkleen Ezi-Wipes, Descaler Powder, Rinse-Aid Cleaner, dishwasher tablets, stainless steel polishing clothes and much more.

Fridge — Appliance Repair in Tamworth, NSW

Fridge Spare Parts

If you require water filters or spare parts for your fridge or freezer, you have come to the right place. At Northapp Appliance Repairs we have a sizeable stock of fridge spare parts. Whether you have a specific part in mind or you need our help to figure out the model you need, we offer affordable prices on our products and exceptional service.

Dryer Repair — Appliance Repair in Tamworth, NSW

Dryer Spare Parts

Whether you need service parts, lint filters or drum belts for your dryer, you will most likely find them at Northapp Appliance Repairs. We have a significant stock of these parts from many brands of dryer manufacturers in Australia.

Appliance Spare Parts — Appliance Repair in Tamworth, NSW

Washing Machine and Dishwasher Spare Parts

The importance of washing machines and dishwashers is hard to overstate. Our clients rely on their washing machines to ensure they have clean clothes every week and they depend on their dishwashers to make washing their dishes so much easier.

At Northapp Appliance Repairs in Tamworth we carry in stock a large variety of washing machine and dishwasher spare parts. Over long periods of time different parts in appliances can wear out and only need to be replaced for the appliance to continue working perfectly. We carry parts including drain pumps, inlet valves, inlet hoses and drain hoses.
If you are not sure about the make and model of the part you need, bring in details about your machine and one of our experts will help you out. It is also possible to call or email to get details about the parts we have in stock. If a part is not currently part of our inventory, we can order it in for you.

Oven Spare Parts — Appliance Repair in Tamworth, NSW

Oven Spare Parts

If you require elements, hinges, oven seals and other spare parts for your ovens and stovetops, you have come to the right place. We have parts from all the significant manufacturers and we can source parts for you if they are not in stock.

Northapp Appliance Repairs is the one-stop shop for all your appliance needs. Whether you require maintenance and repairs, cleaning supplies or spare parts, we have got you covered. Give us a call for exceptional services in the Tamworth region today.